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Here are some letters from our clients relating their experiences with Steve Dill Construction:

Jack and Cynthia Holland
180 Mooring Buoy

After selecting a lot to build on and after multiple revisions to the blue prints, it was time to select a home builder. After interviewing several highly recommended builders, and after reviewing a few construction contracts, we concluded there were three selection criteria that were paramount to all of the others. They were (1) did the builder have the necessary knowledge and experience, (2) could I completely trust the builder and (3) could we count on the builder to provide the necessary amount of on-site construction supervision. As a result, we selected Steve Dill.

Steve met or exceeded every expectation. On many occasions, we were impressed by the scope of Steve’s construction knowledge during all phases of the construction process. During construction, Steve made several suggestions that improved the design of the house, yet, at no point did any of his suggestions appear to be self-serving. Even though Steve has a set of highly qualified sub-contractors that can do their jobs with minimal supervision, Steve was on the job site virtually every day for several hours.

Other things that we learned along the way that allow me to recommend Steve without qualification include:

• Steve maintains a very clean job site
• Steve is attentive to details
• Steve is easy for someone without home building experience to work with
• Steve will patiently answer your questions
• Steve’s wife, Janelle, keeps excellent construction cost records

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Kevin Loughrey

My wife and I recently had a home built on the beach on Hilton Head Island. We used Steve Dill of Steve Dill Construction and we would unqualifiedly recommend him to anyone who was considering building in the Hilton Head area. Before we started our project we got a recommendation to contact Steve Dill. We did so and we were impressed. However, since this was a very big project for us, I took the time to contact seven former clients of Steve who had built or remodeled houses with him. Each of these recommendations were highly laudatory and based upon them, and our favorable impression of Steve, we decided to work with him as our builder. Our house is now complete and we are very glad we used Steve.
Steve met or exceeded our expectations in every respect. The quality of our house is extraordinary. We live 1700 miles away from Hilton Head which presents some logistical and oversight issues. Despite this, we got the exact finished product we expected, with the exception that Steve noted several things during the building process that could be improved and, after he consulted with us, we incorporated those improvements into the plan. The subcontractors Steve works with are exceptional and we are able to work with them as well as with Steve. We were also impressed with Steve’s cost consciousness, as he watched every penny that spent and worked with us to keep the costs reasonable. Perhaps most impressive was the fact that Steve was hands on throughout the entire project. He was on site constantly, aware of everything that was transpiring, and he made sure that the work was done, done correctly, and done at the cost we agreed to. In those areas where my wife and I made choices that exceeded what we had allotted for certain items, Steve politely let us know that we were over budget. This allowed us to make knowing decisions about where we wanted to economize and where we decided to splurge. On the business side of things Steve was very good to work with. We signed a contract very quickly and I don’t think I ever looked at it again as the work and the payments went exactly as we had discussed.

Now that our house is complete and we have had a chance to reflect back on the process my wife and I are very pleased that we used Steve Dill Construction. The third night we stayed there hurricane Irene blew by, putting the house to a big test early on. The house was sturdy, quiet and dry, even in the middle of strong winds and heavy rain. One of our first house guests was a man who has been in the construction business for thirty years and he commented repeatedly on the high quality of the construction and the finish. What few items were on our punch list were handled quickly and well and, in many cases, Steve did the work himself.

Finally, I should say that not only was the project done well, but it was an enjoyable experience from beginning to end. Steve was a joy to work with and the entire process went more smoothly than we could have hoped. If we ever build another house in the area, we would not hesitate to use Steve. I would not hesitate to recommend him highly to anyone who is contemplating such a project.

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Gerald J. Vardzel, Jr.
70 Fort Walker Drive

On behalf of my family and myself I would like to thank you for an excellent job on the construction of our house on 70 Fort Walker Drive, Port Royal Plantation, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. I was very pleased with your commitment and sincere interest in making this a very rewarding process. The open communication and integrity that was demonstrated throughout the process should be applauded. I also would like to thank Janelle for her effort by keeping track of all invoices and making sure the billing objectives were successfully met.

Steve on a personal note it was great getting to know you and your family. I would hope we all could stay in constant contact and I look forward to working with you again in the very near future. I have enclosed a check for $1,000.00 dollars as a bonus for the job completed. Once again thank you for taking the time to make sure this was a huge success. Please feel free to use my name as a reference going forward.

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